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Fringe, Harry Potter, Parks & Rec, Friends, and all things musical...

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Orphan Black, Hannibal, New Girl, Game of Thrones, Elementary, Orange is the New Black, The Mindy Project, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Luther, SYTYCD, Louie, The Following, Craig Ferguson

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Chuck, Dead Like Me, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, ER, Arrested Development, The X-Files, 30 Rock, The Office, Community, Go On

Other Wonderful Things

The Hunger Games, anything Bad Robot, Les MIserables, Back to the Future, LoTR, and Moulin Rouge! I also have an addiction to all things science-fiction, but don't worry - I'm treating this with regular viewings.

Olivia Dunham is the greatest character ever and you won't be able to convince me otherwise....


Tom Haverford going “Nooooo!”: A Supercut



why doesn’t anyone ever mention how good at sewing spiderman is


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all new covers for the US [already out] and the UK [coming in September]

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"They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy"

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Fringe Recap 1x07 - “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”
  • The actor that plays Mitchell Loeb has really bright, beautiful, blue eyes… but his character is a giant asshat
  • Broyles mentions that Loeb is “not just a colleague, but a friend.” BROYLES YOU PICK TERRIBLE PEOPLE TO BE YOUR FRIENDS
  • ^poor friending choices

Walter really needs some gum

  • Astrid and Olivia engage in some casual cryptography
  • ZFT - what is it exactly?  we’ll never really know
  • Sassy Olivia has arrived in Broyles’ office

"Do you have superpowers I’m not aware of?"

^preventing spoilers like a boss

  • Olivia is one sassy bamf.
  • A glimpse into Olivia’s mysterious past…. sorta.  She had a boyfriend named Lucas.  That’s pretty much all we learn.

Momentary aside:  Olivia is awesome in many ways.  Obviously.  But I think one thing that goes unsaid most of the time is this:  She understands that being a young(er) woman in a male-dominated profession is going to get her looked down upon.  Rather than taking the route of many cop shows out there, she uses it to her advantage to throw off the people she squares up again.  She wears practical shoes & work attire and is never a damsel in distress.  Instead, she waits for her opportunity to surprise people.  She did this in “The Cure,” and she does it again here with the German prison manager.  Oh, Olivia Dunham - how I love thee.

  • Walter had a really good fruit cocktail once.
  • Broyles is just getting sass from everyone today.  First from Olivia, now Peter.  And now they’ve discovered another “mole” at the FBI. He’s having a tough day.

And now for our daily science!

Olivia creates a very succinct recap of John and previous events for Mr. Twilight Lucas.  To be honest, I had already forgotten about John at this point.  Now Mr. Twilight Lucas and her are engaging in some kissing - TIME FOR PETER TO CALL AND INTERRUPT FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND WONDERFUL AND IN THE NAME OF POLIVIA.

  • Bye bye, Mr. Twilight… my future husband is calling.
  • Hello Mr. Dumbledore Jr.  - okay I need to stop this, but Jared Harris IS Richard Harris’ son
  • Walter shushes Gene, as if that’s the problem with this experience
  • I like how Jones actually tells Olivia exactly what’s happening and that she’s being manipulated, but he’s just so freakin good at being a bad guy that it doesn’t even matter

By the look on Olivia’s face, the guard just said something very offensive to her.  I’m pretty sure she gave it right back, but the only German I know I learned from Project Runway and The Sound of Music

  • Also, Olivia is holding off two guards while also being on the phone
  • Also also, good thing Olivia has a great memory, because I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have memorized those antidote ingredients that quickly

Awwww Broyles is starting to like Olivia.  ”Your dissatisfaction is what makes you so damn good.”  <- That pretty much sums up her career.

Polivia - let’s go get some drinks and be sexy bamfs together.





i hope that, wherever my hair ties go, they’re happy. that’s all that matters



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Guardians of the Galaxybreathtaking sceneries

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