Inspiration is Everywhere
Erica. 27.

Completely obsessed with:

Fringe, Harry Potter, Parks & Rec, Friends, and all things musical...

Current Things on TV I Love:

Orphan Black, Hannibal, New Girl, Game of Thrones, Elementary, Orange is the New Black, The Mindy Project, The Walking Dead, Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Luther, SYTYCD, Louie, The Following, Craig Ferguson

Things I Pretend Are Still on TV

Chuck, Dead Like Me, Lost, Friday Night Lights, Breaking Bad, ER, Arrested Development, The X-Files, 30 Rock, The Office, Community, Go On

Other Wonderful Things

The Hunger Games, anything Bad Robot, Les MIserables, Back to the Future, LoTR, and Moulin Rouge! I also have an addiction to all things science-fiction, but don't worry - I'm treating this with regular viewings.

Olivia Dunham is the greatest character ever and you won't be able to convince me otherwise....

One OLIVIA DUNHAM cap per episode - 2x22 Over There Pt. 2

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