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Olivia Dunham is the greatest character ever and you won't be able to convince me otherwise....
Fringe Recap 1x14 - “Ability”

Things I love about this episode:  Everything.

  • Btw - In case you missed Episode 1.10, Jones teleported himself out of prison all the way from Germany to Boston.  It was pretty cool.  He also had to wear lots of sunscreen (they left that part out of the recap)
  • [Deleted scene] German authorities come to visit Olivia
  • Walter built a time machine… but it didn’t work… he did build a teleporter instead though, so that’s pretty neat.

I’d be a little skeptical if people were handing me things whilst wearing medical gloves… although maybe it’s because I watch too much TV

  • While not one of their grosser deaths, this freak-of-the-week is a pretty horrible way to go
  • I think this is the last we see of Mitchell Loeb.  He’s still slightly creepy and still has really nice blue eyes.
  • Olivia needs a weird connection.  Casual flirting ensues.

Poor Astrid.  She always gets the “fun” jobs.

  • Our first introduction to Markham.  You weird, creepy man.
  • Olivia and her bamf-ness.  It gets me every time.

When I said I loved everything about this episode, my mind had blocked out Sanford Harris.  Oh well.  At least Jones breaks his ridiculously expensive watch later.  Or maybe it’s like GOB and his suits from Arrested Development

Harris:  ”This isn’t a Gentlemen’s club, Agent Dunham.  Jones doesn’t just get to choose the pretty ones.”

  • FBI raid here we come
  • Charlie - if you find a drawing labeled “Olivia Dunham,” don’t turn to Olivia and ask her “What is it?”  That makes you look silly.

Is it wrong that I really want Jones to punch Harris in the face?  I know Jones is supposed to be a really really bad dude, but I really really hate Sanford Harris.

  • The random FBI agent that had two lines earlier in the episode might as well have been wearing a red shirt and tie.
  • Olivia’s emergency tracheotomy skills are impressive.  Too bad her plan didn’t work.

Where are you going?


I forgot to mention that Walter’s food of the episode today is “coffee cake,” which makes me really want some.

  • As Walter reads about the alternate universe out of the ZFT, I feel that this would’ve been a good time to come clean with certain things.  Maybe not the whole story, but just a simple - “oh yeah, this is actually real and might be important.”
  • "Test 1… of 10, by the way" - WHAT ARE THE OTHER NINE?

Olivia:  ”So I’m supposed to turn these lights off just by looking at them? Fine.”  Such a good team player.


  • A brief Olivia x glasses moment
  • Oh Nina with her many mysteries.  SO MANY LIES IN THIS SCENE.  Nina, you sly fox.
  • Astrid does a whole lot of silent standing around in this episode.  I feel bad for Jasika.
  • Nice light box acting, Olivia.

Another light box.  This time with bombs!

  • Jones’ “Hello, you” to Olivia makes me crack up everytime.
  • Also, “You are a rare commodity”

A lens flare - you shall be successful!

  • I’ve always wondered with the amount of times they shoot a scene how long Anna Torv must’ve had to stare at that damn light box lol
  • SO - was it solely Olivia?  or was it Peter coming back?  She was always more powerful when they were together

Peter:  ”You were in the zone out there tonight.  You stared down that lightbox like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”  :)

  • "You want to get a drink?  Or five?"  Yes, Olivia, you should go for drinks with Peter rather than talk to Jones.
  • …oops not till much later

That bastard blew a hole in the hospital wall

  • THE CODA TO THIS EPISODE FUCKING BLEW ME AWAY THE FIRST TIME.  I mean, you know she had to have been administered Cortexiphan, but the way they deliver the information… mind blown.  First Nina calls Olivia about cortexiphan



I’m reading ‘Advanced Forensic Science’ by Annemann. I keep it next to my gun.

Olivia Dunham » 1x14 || Ability


This all began because a man came over here to save a boy and twenty-five years later, I came back to save that same boy.

Late April Photoshop Challenge: Fringe + Favorite character (requested by stefanhero).

(Source: mysticbrooke)

Fringe re-watch: 1x14 “Ability”

Here we go, folks.  In my opinion this is the episode that elevated Fringe from “OMG I love this new show so much” to “Fuck, this show is like the best thing on television.”

  • Jones!  Prepare yourself, you will be very ugly on this show from now on.  I still can’t believe you’re Dumbledore’s son.
  • Olivia tells Peter that the German authorities came to visit her last night - and if you watch the deleted scene, that’s what it is.
  • FRINGE THEORY ALERT - Walter talks about his “Dis-Ray” device that was originally invented to TRAVEL THROUGH TIME.  OMG, how had I forgotten this - do you think it will come back?  Jones had still used the device in the new timeline…….. OMG What if it does??!?!
  • Dearest newspaper dealer - you are about to become orifice-less.


^ They are orifice-less too - b/c those mouths are just paper.  (I’m really tired - so the jokes will be worse than usual)

  • Oh hey there, September.  I remember this was the first episode I spotted him on my own.  He wanted to see the $2 bill in action
  • Mitchell Loeb - I think orange is your color
  • Olivia tells Peter that she just called her contact in Germany to find out about ZFT - I guess Lucas did get that phone call from her after all…
  • Polivia, you are adorable



  • I love that Walter refers to the newspaper guy as “See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil”
  • Everyone’s favorite skeevy book dealer - MARKHAM!  He loved Olivia from the very beginning.


  • Olivia is particularly sassy in this episode.  ”I’m reading Advanced Forensic Science by Annemann.  I keep it next to my gun.”
  • "Peter says you’re good."  "Well he also says you’re just a friend."  Olivia, you are not fooling anyone - we also saw your smirk.
  • Hey there Jones - you haven’t uglified yet.  Good for you.


Let’s read a little of ZFT:

"The advances of science, which is supposed to expand our knowledge of the universe will, if not carefully controlled, destroy the world as we know it.  Our technological ambitions have not only driven us to the brink of catastrophe…the catastrophe has already begun.  What the apocalypse look like?…….Warfare"

That’s the show, folks.

  • Dear exuberant junior agent - don’t touch that two-dollar - Shit, too late.  Death.


…I’m back now.

  • TEN POINTS TO SLYTHERIN for destroying Sandford Harris’ fucking watch.
  • And now my favorite Olivia Dunham sassy comeback of the entire series:

Harris:  ”Where are you going?”


  • Walter has now asked for coffee cake 3 times - and now I want some too
  • I love the cinematography of Walter reading ZFT while Olivia goes on her mission from Jones
  • The (subtle) introduction of the alt-universe!
  • Yay games!


  • Olivia is in the zone.  Charlie light-blocked her skills.  Sadface
  • Jones is so happy that Olivia read the ZFT manuscript.
  • "I believe you’ve created some ridiculous scenario where people’s lives rely on me attempting and failing an impossible task."  "The task is hardly impossible!"

Use the force, Olivia!


  • "What is this place?"  "It’s a freak show."  Sounds about right…
  • I think the characters on this show have an invisible, hyper-speed pipeline between NYC and Boston
  • Funny things that Nina always says (said) - Olivia:  ”Do you know what this is?”  Nina:  ”Doesn’t sound familiar…. [1 min. later] Oh yes, I suddenly remember all about this…”
  • DRJ - you are starting to look mighty icky.

AWESOME FRINGE MERCHANDISING IDEA - They should sell mini light box replicas with hidden switches so that we can pretend that we have cortexiphan…



  • Jones’ “Hello, you” to Olivia is at once the funniest and creepiest thing ever.
  • Olivia always refers to Jones as “Mr. Jones” - so proper

Peter’s all - let’s get the fuck out of here, and Olivia is all:


…I must dramatically take off my coat for cinematography reasons!

Peter returns…


By the power of lens flare - I have the power!!

  • "Wanna get a drink?  Or five?  I’ve seen you with a whiskey bottle."  Heehee
  • Astrid + Walter = Friendship OTP


Since Jones is the son of Dumbledore, and not Gandalf, Olivia is allowed to pass

  • Just when you think the episode is over - WAIT!  The writers have not one, but TWO, omg moments for you.
  • Cortexiphan!
  • AbilitY!





One PETER BISHOP cap per episode - 1.14 Ability


One ASTRID FARNSWORTH cap per episode - 1.14 Ability


One OLIVIA DUNHAM cap per episode - 1.14 Ability



A gifset per episode 14/100

1x14 Ability -  “Cortexiphan: It was part of a clinical trial. A drug that Dr. Bell created in ‘81.